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Below you will find answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions. We are happy to answer your questions, but please look over this information before contacting us. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to hosting your event.

How can I reserve the date for an event (non-business)?

We only rent the Overlook House out for one event per day. Our Google calendar will show which days are available. In order to make a reservation we require half of the rental fee, a $250 security deposit and a signed contract. We are not currently set up for credit cards. We accept checks, cash and money orders.

How can I reserve the date for a business event?

For business rentals, we will need you to fill out a business contract and return it to our coordinator. Our Google calendar will show which days are available. We will invoice you for your balance. All bills must be paid within 30 days.

When can I view the house?

To view the house please contact Overlook House Program Director: to schedule an appointment.


Is the Overlook House ADA accessible?

Yes the Overlook grounds and first floor of the house are ADA accessible. The first floor restroom is an ADA facility.

What is the capacity of the Overlook House?

The inside capacity of the Overlook House is 75.
For outside/inside events we can accommodate up to 150.

What is my time line for payments and reservations for events, non-business?

Reservations require half the rental fee, a $250 security deposit and a signed contract. 30 days before your event, your balance, your certificate of liability insurance, proof of OLCC licensed server if alcohol is being served, your timeline of your event and name of contact person and whether or not you are using the Overlook House dishes is due.

What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?

A. All cancellations must be in writing.
B. Cancellations made within three (3) days of signing this Rental Agreement: All money paid is refunded less a $100.00 administrative charge.
C. Cancellations made more than 30 days prior to the event: 50% of the TOTAL rental fee is forfeited by Renter. 100% of the damage security deposit and 50% of the TOTAL rental fee are refunded.
D. Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the event: The entire rental fee is nonrefundable. If the damage/security deposit and cleaning fee have been paid in addition to the entire rental fee then those deposits will be refunded to the Renter.
E. The Overlook House may cancel rentals due to inclement weather, emergency conditions, or events beyond the control of the Friends of Overlook House. In case of cancellation initiated by the Overlook House, all rental and deposit monies will be refunded.

When and how do I get my security deposit back?

Your security deposit will be returned to you, if there are no damages or additional time that needs to be spent cleaning the house or grounds as a result of your event. Your check will be mailed back to you at the address you provide within 30 business days, so please verify with the Overlook House staff that we have your current address.

What is included in my rental fee?

Included in your Wedding rental fee is use of the house and grounds, as well as...View our INVENTORY LIST - WEDDING (PDF file). The basement may be added to rentals for an additional $100 fee.

Included in your (non wedding, non business) rental fee is use of the house and grounds, as well as...View our INVENTORY LIST (PDF file). The basement may be added to rentals for an additional $100 fee.

What does my paid rental time include?

Your paid rental time includes your set up and break down time. You will be allowed to set up outside 2 hours before your paid time begins. However you will not have access into the house. We ask that you are mindful of the neighborhood and there will not be any food or alcohol permitted to be consumed on the premises until your paid time begins.

How do I get a Certificate of Liability Insurance?

A one-day certificate can be secured in several different ways:

1. Using your existing homeowner's policy that covers a 1 million.
2. Ask your caterer if they have an insurance policy of $1 million that could cover your event.
3. Purchase a policy from for 0-100 people approximate rate: $120.00 ; 100-150 people approximate rate: $156.00.
4. Purchase a policy from Gales Creek Insurance at an approximate rate: $185.00.

If you will be serving alcohol at your event, you will need to make sure the certificate of liability insurance clearly states, “host liquor liability”.

• To fill out form for Eventhelper go to
For questions contact Marc Engellenner at 1.877.521.0713
• To fill out form for Gales Creek go to
For questions contact Sarah Mullikin at 503.977.5656

You may email or send your insurance via mail, if emailing it, send to or coordinator at
If sending it by mail, please put ATTN: Coordinator on the envelope.

Please note that your Certificate of Liability is due 30 days before your event!

Do I need an OLCC server at my event?

If alcohol is being served at your event, we require that you or persons contracted by you have a valid OLCC Service Permit for the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). We will require that proof 30 days before your event. Only the OLCC licensed server(s) can pour the alcohol.


When can I schedule my rehearsal?

Rehearsals will be scheduled typically on Thursday evenings from 5pm-6pm, 6pm-7pm and 7pm-8pm. If there is a conflict please contact our coordinator to schedule your rehearsal. We ask that you refrain from consuming food and/or beverages during this hour as other parties will be waiting to use the space.

How late can my party go until?

All contracts

Please respect that the Overlook House is located in a residential neighborhood. Loud music will jeopardize our relationship with the community.

DJs/Bands/Musicians must sign Overlook House Music Contract prior to event.

DJs/Bands/Musicians that abuse our useage rules will not be allowed back.

Music cannot be audible beyond the Overlook House grounds.

Outside Dance Music (90dba) must cease outside at 9:00 p.m.

Last dance announcement no later than 8:55pm.

Light background Music (70 Dba or less) is permitted outside until 10pm.

See OH Music Contract for Map and details.(Download DOC File)

Music is permitted inside until 10:00 pm. Dancing INSIDE is permitted only in the Multi-Purpose-Room, or basement. The basement is available if the $100 additional basement fee is paid for in advance.

How can I decorate inside?

We want to preserve the charm of the 1927 house for every party. Therefore we require no fasteners or hooks are used to hang decorations inside the house. We request that if any adhesive is used that it be only painter's tape, this will not leave marks on the walls etc. All candles must be in holders or on mats to prevent against wax spills.

How can I decorate outside?

All tents/canopies need to be weighted down with blocks, barrels or weights. We do not allow stakes in the grass due to the irrigation system. Tables, chairs and tents are permitted on the grass. However barbeques, dance floors, tent heaters and coolers are not allowed on the lawn. All equipment must be set up in the backyard. Barbeques are permitted on the north side of the house on the concrete, but not in front of the house. If barbequing, please use a mat, cardboard or something to protect the concrete.

What am I responsible for with my clean up?

You are responsible for returning the furnishings of the Overlook House to the original places. We require you to remove all your recyclables and garbage to the dumpster area. If you have used the dishes, you will need to scrape, rinse and stack them on the kitchen counters. You will need to remove all your personal belongings. If you have any rental equipment, you will need to stack it in the back of the house off the grass and have it ready for pick up by 9:00 am the following morning. CHECK OUT LIST (.DOC file)

Further questions?

If you have more specific questions that were not addressed, please contact our coordinator.


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